Priming The Pump #2: The 100 Word Challenge

Priming The Pump #2: The 100 Word Challenge
0Our next installment of Priming The Pump comes from Joy Kirr. Joy and I connected via Twitter, which is a great way to find other people who enjoy writing. Joy currently teaches 7th grade language arts and literature in a suburb of Chicago. She was first a special education teacher who worked with deaf and hard-of-hearing students, and next became a reading specialist and National Board Certified teacher. She’s completed 18 years of teaching, but says it’s always like her first.  

The 100 Word Challenge
The 100 Word Challenge  is a weekly creative writing challenge for students under 16 that is easily adapted for writers of any age. At the 100 Word Challenge,  there is a weekly prompt, which can be a picture or a series of individual words. The challenge is that writers can only use up to 100 words to write something related to the prompt. One of the special things about 100WC is that those entering a piece are 3915529903_618b327387encouraged to visit other blogs and leave a constructive comment. The 100 Word Challenge website says, “by setting a limited word count with a focused theme and a guaranteed audience, we have far greater motivation for writing. Those who are reluctant writers feel safe with only 100 words to write, whilst those more advanced writers can really extend themselves with the word restriction.”
As adults, this can be done through setting up a blogging community of perhaps 3-10 adults where you will commit to the challenge, read each others’ posts, and then comment on them. Use the website for your prompt, or take turns creating them.  Peer ‘talking’ to peer is very powerful.  Above all – it’s fun!
If you have a writing exercise you’d love and would like to post, please contact me here.

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