Guest DJ: Four Lessons On Living The Writing Life

Guest DJ: Four Lessons On Living The Writing Life

Suzie BichovskyToday’s Guest DJ and I share the same tastes in awesomely cheesy pop music, so I’m thrilled to have her at the turntable. We are good friends, colleagues, and writing partners.  When her book comes out, you will love it as much as I do.

Suzie Bichovsky has worn many hats. They include but are not limited to: author, educator, coach (non athletic), avid player of Barbie, owned by cats (not owner of), occasional cooker of chicken cacciatore, reader of books, beach aficionado, Halloween junkie.

Note: Suzie doesn’t actually wear hats because of fear of hat hair. She is seeking professional help in this matter.

Dipping My Toe by Suzie Bichovsky 

I’ve been a writer since my mom and I scribed the Dr. Seuss My Book About Me. My diaries contained truth combined with fiction – sorry, snoopers.  My pen name in high school – Suzanna Skye. This writing was private.


Now, I’m dipping my toe into the PUBLIC writing pool. I’ve met with an agent to understand the End Game.  This sentence now unapologetically comes out of my mouth : “I’m working on a manuscript.”  I’ve included “author” in my bio; if you search me, you’ll find an embarrassing typo.  I’ll wait…

Here’s what I’m considering as I live my writing life:

I Am Writer, Hear Me Roar

Not everyone in my life wants to hear about my writing.  It wasn’t fair to have my husband listen to me read my writing aloud and then get huffy when he said, “Nice.”  That’s why I now have a writing partner.  We chat about all things writing and go on research road trips.  Still have to go to the CDC…anyone?

The P.A.

The Published Author was once in need of support like me.  Heather Harlen is supportive by simply saying, “I want to tell people about your (not finished) book.” Upon telling him my possibilities, Dave Tomar said, “That’s great!” and not, “You don’t have a degree in it.”  When I met Jonathan Maberry and shyly said I was working on a book, he gave me his contact information and said, “Writers have to help each other.”  He’s been true to his word.

It’s Your Story, Your Process

I’ve never felt as successful on a project as my current one.  It’s the first time I’ve written without doing the outline first.  I wrote opening vignettes for each character around a central theme and outlined after that.  I trust them to tell their stories and their voices are strong.  Writers are nodding.  My family is calling 911.

Love It or Leave It

I write because I love it and there is a tale waiting to be told.  Whenever I feel the pressure of the outcome, I walk away from it.  The second the joy of telling the story feels like work…I know there is plenty of time for that.

I don’t know if my work will be published or if I will photocopy it for Christmukkah.  But I do know that it is time to get my whole foot wet, and not just my toe.


If you’d like to contact Suzie, please go here.

If you are interested in sharing your writing wisdom with the world, please contact me here.

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