Harlen’s Halloween 2013 Picks

Harlen’s Halloween 2013 Picks

Clowns = Terror.

From watching Friday The 13th with my older cousins to going to haunted houses with my family every October, I have always loved Halloween.  Dressing up in a costume AND getting free candy — what wasn’t to like? Now that I’m older, I’m not trick-or-treating, but I do love fall colors, Halloween parties, fall parades and scary movies. Here are my top picks for one of the best times of the year:

5) The Walking Dead: So much has been said about this fabulous show, so I’ll just say this: I came for the zombie apocalypse; I stay for the humanity apocalypse.  Zombies are easy to figure out: they want to eat your flesh.  People, not so easy to figure out.  Also, the graphic novels are fantastic and are fabulous companion pieces to the show.  They go in different directions, but not in a bad way, just different.

4) American Horror Story: Coven : The gory opening scene of this season’s premiere almost made me delete the series recording on my DVR. Then I realized there would probably be a late-season karmic payback for the perpetrator, so I hung in there.  I’m glad I did.  The AHS franchise has a different storyline every season, so if you are just walking into this haunted house, you’re not missing anything, although it’s fun to see how the actors morph into different characters each season. And the writing/plot development is spooktacular.


Well, ALMOST pumpkin anything. Not going to Missouri any time soon based on this ad.

3) Pumpkin anything:  Even though Wawa had pumpkin coffee in August, I managed to hold on until September 1st.  Pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin candles. Fall only comes once a year, y’all, so enjoy it.

2) Fall clothing: Going out for a late-afternoon walk, the leaves rustling over the sidewalk and me snug in my fleece.  Napping on the couch in a hoodie while my husband watches college football.  Boots! Booties, high boots with skirts, Uggs. Or in my case, Fuggs (faux Uggs).  I miss my flip-flops, but it’s a fair trade off.

1) Haunted Houses:   It’s not fall without a haunted house.  One of my favorite stories is how in middle school, a lens in my glasses popped off in the “dark room” of Horror Hall and the entire attraction had to be shut down and lights turned on until the lens was found.   The most memorable haunted house is at Knoebel’s.  It’s loud, odd,  disorienting and still smells the same as it did in 1987.  I don’t go enough, but haunted houses are just so much weird, American fun.  And I’m grateful to live somewhere where I have to pay to be scared.

So enjoy your costumes, your parties and making vampire fangs every time you eat candy corn (I can’t possibly be the only person who does that, right?).

What are your top Halloween picks? Post your favorite horrortastic places, books, movies and more below:


One of my favorites.

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