My Name Is Heather, And I Haven’t Blogged in Almost Two Months

My Name Is Heather, And I Haven’t Blogged in Almost Two Months

Build that digital platform! Build that digital platform!  Tweet!  Facebook!  Post on Medium!  Connect connect connect! Retweet!  Facebook!  Like that status!  Post something witty!  Go go go go go go!

Digital Burnout.

Digital Burnout.

Ah, shut your yap already, Internet Age.

I haven’t posted here since January 26th.  Naughty, naughty writer.

I guess I needed a digital time out. And this is the right time to resurface here.  I love my blog, writing for you. It’s fun. It stretches my writing in different ways.

And sometimes I am so sick of the computer and so sick of thinking about my digital interactions,  I just plain can’t.

So I didn’t.

Oh, I’ve been writing.  I’m drafting my sequel and wrote a guest blog, which was so fun.  (The guest blog, that is.  Drafting is sometimes more like pulling ideas from your head with the tweezers from Operation.) I even edited an upcoming book from Northampton House Press.  It’s a gritty and beautiful novel about three generations of women trying find their way despite the family legacy of dysfunction.

Reading was also key to my digital resuscitation.  I got lost in Laurie Loewenstein’s UNMENTIONABLES,  finally  read PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER, and basked in Southern sunlight as I read a book from the SWEET TEA series. These are a few titles that have helped me rejuvenate my creativity.

This digital hibernation has helped me narrow my list of what I want to do in the coming months and helped me think about what matters to me as a writer.  It also gave me time to just decompress.  It gave me time to hang out with my husband, who deserves a medal for his infinite patience as I make a go of my writing career.  In fact, he’s downstairs, sick, and all I want to do is make him tea and sit with him.  But it’s now time for me to finish this post and continue drafting.  My main character, Marina Konyeshna, is in another one of her dangerous messes, and I have to get back to the action.

Fired up. Ready to go. Caffeinated, too.

So I’ll get my writing done and then start my day.  Plus, my husband can catch up on all of his tv shows about men in motorcycle gangs and Viking clans without me rolling my eyes.

So, dear writer friends, stop reading this and take a digital break.  Your brain and your heart and your creativity and your loved ones will thank you.

Tell us what you think!

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