Graveyard Wandering

Graveyard Wandering

I am indeed that person in the hot pink fleece who was creeping around the cemetery this evening, taking photos.  How a walk home from the library was punctuated by this strange side trip…pick a reason.  I turn 40 this year.  The past 10 months have been perforated by sudden, senseless deaths.  The still histories of gravestones have always fascinated me.  The beautiful language, grim storyline, and endless respiratory illnesses in The Raven’s Bride by Lenore Hart is etched into my subconscious this week.  Also, I’m just a little weird. Here are some photos from my walk.  Who knows how their images will turn up in my writing. Maybe they will spark an idea for you, too.

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  1. hi mrs it’s me arielis and I wanted to say that wow you are an an author and I saw your facebook and I love it!!!!!!!

      • awwwwwwww thanks mrs you are the best teacher ever I wanted to say that I want to read your book online or borrow at school!!!!!!!

      • Well a big THANK YOU to whomever wrote this 🙂 I’m psyched you want to read my book AND it’s a book for adults, so you need to talk to parents/guardians first.

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