Dr Sally Mitton’s apology over Crohn’s and junk food – too late and hardly publicised


Crohn’s and Colitis is especially important to me because my brother has struggled it for years. One of the most dramatic and terrifying memories of my life was the time my brother had a perforated bowel and was rushed to the hospital for surgery. I was in the tiny operating room waiting area, all fluorescent lights and old magazines, sitting with my parents and my other brother. A nurse came in the room to update us and there was blood on her shoe. Probably my brother’s blood.

Thankfully, he’s doing much better now, thanks to a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. Unfortunately, one of my best friends has a brother-in-law who has developed colon cancer from his Crohn’s. Please keep him in your prayers, energy, meditations, whatever you do.

And follow The Big Stoma Bucket list. She has a lot to say about Crohn’s, how to advocate for yourself in a medical situation and how to keep a great sense of humor and joie de vivre while taking on what life throws at you.

The big stoma bucket list

Two-days-ago Dr Sally Mitton responded to the junk food claims sparked from her comments during a BBC Newsbeat interview.

I have spoken a lot on this subject since I appeared on BBC Breakfast on Wednesday. As I’m in danger of sounding like a broken record I won’t repeat my views (you can read them here), but I felt it was only fair to let you all read Dr Mitton’s apology and clarification to the IBD community – even if it has taken two days for her to respond to extreamely damaging claims, which she could surely have nipped in the bud sooner and stopped a lot of misinformation about an already.

This has meant that I’ve spent the last few days explaining to a lot of people I know  (many who should know better as I’ve explained it 1000’s of times) that my diet hasn’t caused my Crohn’s, and…

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Heather is the writer of the HOPE YOU GUESS MY NAME: A THRILLER (Book 1 of the Marina Konyeshna Thrillogy) and teacher who is trying to make every day count without burning out. Look for SHAME, SHAME, I KNOW YOUR NAME (BOOK 2 of the Marina Konyeshna Thrillogy) in early 2017 (Northampton House Press). www.heatherharlen.com

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