#SmarterSunday: Along the ‘Black Route,’ A Perilous Path To Asylum

#SmarterSunday: Along the ‘Black Route,’ A Perilous Path To Asylum

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 10.06.33 AMIn a new weekly post I’m calling #SmarterSunday, I’m going to share an article that has made me smarter about the world we live in.   As a person and a writer, I am always interested in culture and politics, so I will offer you a gem from a reliable, well-done website that will offer us perspective on life as citizens of the world.

Today, I offer you this beautiful article/photo essay from The Washington Post by Anthony Faiola, Washington Post Berlin Bureau Chief, about a perilous journey from war-torn Syria to Europe.  Over-crowded ships, smugglers, gangsters, police and even wolves are part of the harrowing journey to reunite with loved ones and to build better lives for themselves. The photos by Charles Ommanney make it the story come alive.The grit, the tenacity, the strength of the people who make these journeys to escape horror and trauma inspire me.  What did my great-grandparents flee when they left Slovakia, Poland and Lithuania?  How can I be part of the solution?

So read the piece now, read it later in the week for a time you can enjoy it.  Please comment below with any insight or suggestions for a #SmarterSunday read.


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