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#SmarterSunday: “Changing The World, One Little Girl At A Time”

#SmarterSunday: “Changing The World, One Little Girl At A Time”

I am guilty of this:  meeting a little girl and complimenting her on her dress or her hair or her smile.   In fact, I probably say it to little boys, too.  Bloom Quote

“I love your dress!”

“How cute are you?”

“What a handsome one you are!”

This article by lawyer, writer and news analyst, Lisa Bloom, via Latina Fatale made me reconsider how I interact with children when I first meet them. When we initially notice their appearance, what message are we giving? Maybe it’s OK to offer a compliment, to break the ice, but there are so many other ways to go from there.  That’s why I like this article – the reminder that it’s important to really talk to children.


#SmarterSunday: The Deadly Spike Epidemic


Spike. Spice. K 2. Synthetic marijuana.  Plant material sprayed with chemicals, dried, crumbled and sold to people in our communities at your corner store. Google images of synthetic marijuana and see how it is marketed to children.  The packets looks like candy.

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It was the latest craze in my school district last year, with students talking about it, knowing people who smoked it and even some students who used it regularly.  Glazed eyes, scrambled thoughts, erratic behavior. The worst part – there is no test for Spice yet.

Today for #SmarterSunday, I  bring you Spike Nation by Steve Featherstone so we can all become aware of this dangerous and desperate epidemic.  I’ve also added a response from Rolling Stone to expand the point of view.

#SmarterSunday: The J Word

#SmarterSunday:  The J Word

Until last week, I was a notorious juster.IMG_8950

I’m writing you just to see if…

Oh, I’m just working on my next book..

I need just a few minutes of your time…

Until I read this article by Ellen Petry Leanse, I had no idea how often I was potentially sabotaging my credibility.  Do you need to drop the J word, too?