#SmarterSunday: The Deadly Spike Epidemic


Spike. Spice. K 2. Synthetic marijuana.  Plant material sprayed with chemicals, dried, crumbled and sold to people in our communities at your corner store. Google images of synthetic marijuana and see how it is marketed to children.  The packets looks like candy.

Image via Wikipedia

It was the latest craze in my school district last year, with students talking about it, knowing people who smoked it and even some students who used it regularly.  Glazed eyes, scrambled thoughts, erratic behavior. The worst part – there is no test for Spice yet.

Today for #SmarterSunday, I  bring you Spike Nation by Steve Featherstone so we can all become aware of this dangerous and desperate epidemic.  I’ve also added a response from Rolling Stone to expand the point of view.

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