Because Teachers Need To Eat: Mushroom and Kale Soup With Dill


Welcome to my new feature, Because Teachers Need To Eat. All teachers know that 30 minute lunches are never 30 minutes. That’s why I try to have something yummy and healthy to look forward to during my 23 (on a good day) minutes of peace and quiet.


Image from Real Simple, photo by Christopher Testani.

Yesterday, I made this soup from Real Simple.

I used some shiitakes; the rest were baby bellas.  I omitted the squash and doubled-down on the  greens (I used a baby kale/spinach mix).    It made four 1.5 cup servings.

I had one serving for dinner and it was delicious. I only had to add a pinch more salt and I loaded on the dill.  Even though it’s December in Pennsylvania, it’s still growing in my garden (hello, climate change), so I had plenty to chop up and sprinkle over the top. #TeamDill

Next time, I’ll use more shiitakes  for added flavor. I used 91 cents worth for this recipe, so doubling it is affordable.

Bon appetit!

If you’re a teacher and have an easy, go-to recipe please contact me at heatherharlen at gmail dot com. It would be fun to feature your healthy, easy recipe for lunchtime happiness.


September 2015: refreshed and ready to go. I wish I could bottle that energy!


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