An Experiment In Style: Clothing Rental


See this gorgeous woman?  She inspires me with her unabashed fierceness, intelligence and love of self.  I WISH I has been this self-possessed in my twenties.  This is why I love Millennials – they go for what they want and forge their own paths. So I need you to meet Fashion blogger, stylist ,and author Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 10.28.14 AMLeah Vernon,  who has made me  up my style game.  I’m 41 and too comfortable in my wardrobe  staples – v-neck tees, jeans, cardigans.  Simple and easy but I’m not feeling put-together.  After reading her blog posts  about styling on a budget and having received personal encouragement from her to stretch myself, I decided to try something different.

Yesterday, I subscribed to Le Tote, a clothing rental program. I get five pieces at a time (three garments, two accessories). I had a 50% off code, so I’m eager to see what my $32 investment brings me. The price was nice – $59/month, five garments, unlimited returns. On the other hand, Gwynnie Bee is $135/month for five garments, unlimited returns. Not in my budget. The quality and selection at Gwynnie Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 10.16.50 AMBee looks better, though. We’ll see…

I’m definitely nervous: I’m a size 14-16, which is as large as Le Tote goes, so we’ll see about the fit.  I’m wondering if they’ll listen to my preferences: no sleeveless tops or dresses; no earrings; no animal prints; no handbags.  Will I like the quality? For the introductory price of $32, I’m willing to try, especially because it will force me to get out of my fashion rut with a low financial risk.

So, thanks, Leah, for making this GenXer up her fashion game.  If you’ve tried Le Tote, let us know what you think!  I’ll report back when I receive my first box.

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