Le Tote Box #1: The Results Post


Last week, I posted about deciding to try Le Tote, a clothing rental program.   My box of clothes arrived yesterday afternoon, taking four days to ship from California to Pennsylvania. Not bad. One point for Le Tote!

The good news: my cat loves to sit in the box.

The bad news: everything was placed in the return bag within ten minutes. (For your frame of reference: I’m 41 years old and a size 14/16, within Le Tote’s advertised size range.)


The jacket was a gorgeous coral, but it was too small.  Let Tote advertises itself as having styles XS-XXL, so even though the highest size for the jacket was L, the website assured me it would fit.


On to the cardigan. It was a nice, thick knit.  My husband’s reaction: You never look frumpy and that’s really frumpy.

But was so cute on the model!  But I’m not built like the model! So, again, nope.




Can you make out the window and unmade bed through the dress?  Not good.

Time for the black dress. The length worked but the material was so thin you could see through it. Between this cheap fabric and unflattering cut, it went back into the bag.  Nope.

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 6.26.13 PMIMG_1343

Finally, the jewelry.  The ring and the bracelet were cute, but I wasn’t going to hold onto three pieces of unflattering clothing for costume jewelry.

I’m bummed  I didn’t have something fun to wear to a bridal shower today and an author panel tomorrow, but let’s face it, this is about as first world problem as you can get. I’m a fan of the three strikes and you’re out rule, so we’ll see what box number two brings.

Le Tote asked me to rate everything, so I was honest. After I rated, this is what ticked me off the most:

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 6.20.01 PM

In what universe are these pieces of clothing worth $225?  That comes out to $45/piece. $90 in costume jewelry?  $45 for an Old Navy quality dress?  Maybe $45 for the jacket, if I had a coupon.  $45 for the sweater?  Never. I’m rolling my eyes as I look at that image again.


At least returning the clothing and jewelry was simple.

As with most things in my life, I remain optimistic. I’ll report back about box number 2 next weekend.


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