Le Tote Box #2: The Results Post


After the disappointment of Le Tote box #1, I was looking forward to box #2.

I live on optimism, but it’s not getting me anywhere with my fashion experiment. Le sigh.

The scarf was great. I loved the pattern and fabric.




The bracelet was cute.



I LOVED the cut of the skirt. It was something new and I was surprised how much I like the flowing asymmetry.  Unfortunately, it was too big (XXL) and, like the dress in box #1, the material was cheap and too see-through.




The sweater was one size-fits all, so I was dubious from the get-go.  See how long it is on the model?  It came to my hips, the arms were shorter, and it wasn’t as flowing.  Dislike.


I adored the metallic pullover, but the  XL was clearly a junior’s size. It was too small everywhere.


To paraphrase Ladies Love Cool James, the clothes are  going back to Cali, Cali, Cali.

Oh, Le Tote.  Let’s hope box #3 is better.



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