Heather Harlen is a writer and teacher.  She is the author of the Marina Konyeshna thriller series (Northampton House Press).

She has an M.A. in creative writing from Wilkes University and a B.A in English and a secondary English teaching certification from Muhlenberg College. She is a National Writing Project Fellow and a member of the Penn State Lehigh Valley Writing Project.  Heather has been teaching for 18 years and has spent most of her career serving students  in an urban public school district as an English instructor.  She began her career in Moscow, Russia as a Peace Corps volunteer. She has taught 4th grade through college, as well as professional in-services for fellow educators.  Her passions include writing workshop and project-based learning.  Heather lives with her husband and their  cat in Eastern Pennsylvania, USA.

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Her blog’s name, Carry A Watermelon, comes from the part in Dirty Dancing where Baby tells Johnny she is at the party because “I carried a watermelon.” That watermelon is the threshold experience a la Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey.  It took guts for Frances Houseman to carry that unwieldy fruit into that party and Heather hopes her life is full of watermelon opportunities. Or maybe that’s just reading too much into it and she really just wanted a Dirty Dancing reference as blog title.