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Heather’s Favorite Reads of 2016


“If the only prayer you say in your life is ‘thank you,’ that would suffice.”

– Meister Eckhart, German Christian mystic

2016 was a challenging year for me personally, for many of my loved ones, for my students, for our country, for the world.  I want it to be sealed with a kiss of hope and happiness, so My Favorites posts are expressions of gratitude for the people who created things that made me happy this year.  I hope they make you happy, too.

This first post is about my favorite books.  It’s hard to write about all of them, so please follow me on Goodreads to see what else I loved.  In the meantime, here are two of the most memorable:




A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay: If I were to write a horror book, it would be like this: contemporary and full of pop culture allusions.  I stumbled upon this page-turner on my Kindle one night.   It was on sale for $2.99 and with a blurb from Steven King, I thought I’d try it.  It’s part psychological drama/mostly horror about a teenage girl who may or may not be possessed by a demon.  The point of view expertly switches so the readers sees things from different angles.  As a high school teacher and former teenage girl, I am acutely aware of the mood swings that might only be described as possession.  The movie comes out in 2018 starting Robert Downey Jr, but don’t wait until then.










He could read the alphabet for 80 chapters and I’d buy it.


Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen:  “Uncle Brucey,” as The Boss calls himself in one part of the book, reads to me every day in my car and it is the epitome of delightful.  As a huge fan of his music, it’s amazing to hear his life story unfold in his voice, to hear the timbre darken when he talks about his father and to catch the light  when he talks about his mother.  I don’t often re-read books (so many books, so little time), but once I finish listening to this as a fan, I’m going to buy a hard copy and read it as a writer, mining it for his wisdom about the creative process, the business of art, and perseverance.





What are your favorite reads from 2016? Please share in the comments!